Maple Glazed Tunes

Crafted with tunes and scores that have never been published in a book before, Maple Glazed Tunes is a journey that showcases the melodic genius of many talented Canadian composers.  Come and meet Catherine Couser of Dundonald and Kimberly Smith of Vancouver.  Observe the Flight of the Pterosaur.  Get moving with The Briggzy Speedwalk or Wee Amy will pass you on The Gypsy March.  Did you know Boots and the Gingerbread Man are friends with Iona the Rose Princess, who is known to make the best Pleasonton Butter Buns?  These are Shannon MacDonald’s Favourite! 


With over 70 original compositions, which path will you take on this musical adventure?

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Taking No Shortcuts

From its' humble beginnings as a 12-page booklet way back in the early 1980s, Taking No Shortcuts has grown in size. It progressed in increments to a 59-page manual that has been used for more than 20 years. Culminating in its ultimate form, Taking No Shortcuts will keep anyone engaged and help solidify and maintain all the fundamentals of Pipe Band Drumming.

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Limited edition Tees honouring the GOAT (my Dad). The latest design from Grant.

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"How to Use" Taking No Shortcuts

We conducted a free online workshop about how to use the book. Click here to watch the recording:

"How to Use" Taking No Shortcuts Online Workshop